Will Steven Gerard fulfill his dream of lifting the English Premier league as a Manager?

The current manager of Club Rangers and a former English professional footballer Steven George Gerrard Has spent the majority of his playing career as a midfielder for Liverpool, with most of that time spent as a Captain . He has achieved  a lot with The Giant “never walk alone” the Reds. .Steven Gerard successfully played seventeen  seasons in his football career. The legend has won numerous domestic and European trophies  Including the  UEFA Champions League in 2005.
He is a great  leader, strong in tackle, can hit the ball at ferocious speed, has good vision, scores great goals, he is most remembered for his victory of the UEFA Champions league 2005 against Ac milan of which Liverpool Fc  were 3:0 down in the first half before a topt-notch come back and Liverpool win in a penalty shoot out.

The legend  has one dream pending, the dream to lift the English premier league. Gerard has never lifted the English premier league. Gerard left no stone unturned to lift the English premier league through out his football career at Liverpool fc. He is still haunted by his infamous slip against Chelsea in 2014, which effectively cost Liverpool a first league title for 24 years giving a way for Manchester city to win the trophy by a goal deference against Liverpool.
The legend is still  ambitious  and has the energy and can fulfill his dream of lifting the English premier league. His managerial career can be a double deal for him to accomplish his dream of lifting the English premier League.

The loyal supporters of the legend are still convinced that he can make it happen as a manager. He is one of the most celebrated midfielder of his time. Every dream is valid and for Gerard the sky is the limit.

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