George Weah. The first and the only native African that has won ballon D’Or.

The living legend George weah is a former professional player, and the the president of Liberia. He was born on 1966 in Monrovia, Liberia, grew up in a slum in Liberia’s capital. He played for several big teams in Eroupe including Ac Milan, Monaco, Paris Sainte German, Chelsea of which he was on loan, Manchester City, Marseille and  winded up with  Al-Jazira in the UAE Pro-League. Weah was unstoppable, especially in 1995 when he was  playing for both AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain of which he  presented an incredible performance that was very impressive. Since hardworking always pays Weah was awarded several individual awards: Ballon d’Or, FIFA, world player of the year and many others. 

He is the first African to win such awards and so the the only. The former arsenal fc manager Arsene Wenger was the one whom he dedicated his victory of FIFA World Player of the Year and thanked for shaping him into world class player. Arsene Wenger torched his career, he signed him   to Monaco from Cameroonian club making his first debut for monaco in 1987.Weah was so fit that his skills of pace, stamina, technical ity, and brilliant attacking instincts were incredible.

Despite achieving several titles and numerous awards in his football career, he also achieved a lot for his people in Liberia. He completely ceased a civil war that took a long time and later joined politics. In 2014 he was elected as a senator. He ran for president in 2005, losing to Ellen JohnsonSirleaf. Weah became the president of Liberia in January 2018 and has served since then.

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