90$ million plus Garethbale in exchange For Paul pogba


Recently a new rumor has emerged according to El Desmarque (as claimed by Sky Sports), £90m plus Gareth Bale in exchange for Paul Pogba, a midfielder from Manchester United. The 26-year-old, however, needs to improve his performance in the upcoming month to make the move happen and the Red Devils should accept the offer since the team has been underperforming and taking the 14th in English premier league table. the Reds  require significant revamp to redeem the lost pride.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the Old Trafford Boss, is struggling to grind out results and a lack of conversion in the attacking third has led to an array of underwhelming outcomes. The dearth of creativity in the centre of the pitch has been a problem too and a player of Pogba’s profile has failed to produce anything spectacular to turn things around.

Bale, though in his thirties, would be more effective than Jesse Lingard from the right-hand flank and his profound Premier League experience (during his Spurs stint) is touted to be an added boost in grabbing results from close contests. Zinedine Zidane has utilized the Welshman despite a strained relationship and Bale, with two goals and assists each from 6 La Liga encounters, has showcased a steady start so far in restoring his repute.
Although the signing of Gareth Bale would be nothing but a short-fix for the English heavyweights, the fall of Paul Pogba is a worrying sign. It may lead to a significant financial loss for United if things do not improve and the club must accept any decent offer for the Les Bleus sensation before his valuation drops furthermoreg

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